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As one looks at our building your attention is captured by the beautiful interplay between the façade, natural plants and colored glass. We have provided for planters at the sil level in the South East, South and South West sides of the building. This sense of being close to nature is further enhanced by the living green wall and water body in the north east side of our double height atrium and our roof-top garden.

We have made capital investment today to reduce operational costs and maximize efficiency. Highlights of our environmentally friendly features are:

Solar Passive Design - The fundamental basis of our design philosophy which is very important in a hot country like India .

  • Buffer zone with HVAC rooms, Lifts and Staircases on the East/ South East sides to keep solar heat gain away from the building core.
  • Sunshades as architectural elements on our South East / South and South West that allow for optimal light and minimize heat gain.
  • Planters at sil level that makes in visually appealing in addition too providing a green buffer area on every floor

Water Management & Recycling

  • Rain water harvesting and storage
  • Use of recycled water for chilling tower
  • Sensor based toilets in common areas
  • Use of Solar water heater

Material Selection

  • Use of Fly Ash bricks
  • Re-use of excavated soil
  • Double insulated high performance glass (as per ECBC Standards)
  • Water cooled air conditioning system to ASHRAE standards for indoor air quality
  • Compact sub-station


Vastu Shastra (the science of construction", "architecture") is a traditional Hindu system of design based on directional alignments. It is based around five primary elements of Earth (Bhumi), Water (Jala), Air (Vayu), Fire (Agni), Space (Akasha).

Vaastu features of our building include:

  • Our’s is a rectangular plot
  • The northeast quarter “Ishana” in our building has an 11 meter set back from the boundary wall. This area is not cluttered by any services and has the largest windows to facilitate maximum light
  • The east/ southeast representing “Agni” is where our transformer, electrical equipment and HVAC is located.
  • The southwest and south of the building is where we have planned for conference rooms and management offices
  • Our building slopes down towards north / east from higher levels of south west.
  • The highest point of the buildings is the south west followed by southeast with the northeast being the lowest
  • The topmost floor has been divided in to a grid of 9 squares and we have made a provision for a skylight in the central square
  • Toilets are in the South East.
  • Water drainage is towards North / North East.